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A simple Twine game revolving around the player taking their ill dog to its favorite places in order to make their last days more enjoyable.

Made withTwine
TagsDogs, Text based, Twine


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I liked the writing, it wasn't too descriptive and it felt genuine like a real dog owner would.

I was expecting that one of the options I chose was going to be the last so I chose carefully until I realised that I was going to have to go through all of the options before the game progressed. That made me a bit impatient and I started to skip through it. That hurt the ending a little because I was reading too hastily and cared less about the details in the writing.

Having said that, It did get me a bit upset because I fear the day I face this decision with my dog, so well done!


Ah, thank you for your feedback! I did base it own my own experiences and fears with my dogs, so I'm glad that came across! Sorry for making you upset though.

I was worried about some of the passage lengths. I was going for a sense of inevitability, like no matter what options you chose, you'd still end up in the same place, but I can see how all five areas together could drag on. I wonder if that could be alleviated by giving the option of going to the Vet sooner somehow, if the player chooses

You're right though, death of a pet is inevitable, but your writing made me think about what I would do with Muppet (my dog's name) given the injuries and suffering that was described to me. I was thinking well, I don't want to take him to a library because I want to spend time with him doing something he'd enjoy but the options made me go there.

I'm not clever or a good writer but perhaps there's some sort of a balance between drawing it out and not making it a straight cut to the end. And don't apologise for making me upset, that goes to show that you're on the right track and you're successful at your goal!